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04-29-13, 11:19 pm
Hello. I am new to the guinea pig world. On Saturday I bought my 7 1/2 year old son 2 piggies. He is in love. Their names are Blade and Vegas and are both males. I did not realize all the details in preparing and maintaining happy piggies. This forum has been a life saver. My husband is currently in the process of making the piggies a custom cage. So far, I think they will love it!! :)

04-30-13, 02:42 am
welcome to the forum! if you bought your piggies, you might want to double check the gender yourself as pet stores can mix up the genders. too many stories floating around here and i know some of my own :O

its so nice your whole family is involved with the piggies :D do post pictures of them soon!

04-30-13, 06:52 am
Welcome to the guinea pig addiction! Can't wait to see pictures of your boys.

I'll echo what @Varcoda (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=26768) said about the genders and add a precaution to watch your piggies very carefully for signs of illness. My first pig, Mufasa, was a textbook case of getting a sick pig from a pet store, but his symptoms were so subtle that I didn't know until it was too late.

Sounds like you have very lucky boys with their own custom home under construction. I'm sure they'll love it.

04-30-13, 08:01 am
I'm also new to the addiction of guinea pigs and I don't even have my furry friends yet. :eek: I'm planning on getting them and this site has been so incredibly useful and everyone here is so friendly and willing to answer all kinds of questions. Welcome - join right in!!!!