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04-27-13, 03:09 am
Hi everyone!
I've read tons of helpful things from this site, so I'm super excited to be a part of it! I love the cavy community here. I have two beautiful guineas. One is an Abyssinian boar named General, the other is a Teddy bear sow named Lola. Due to some unfortunate circumstances involving me leaving for a little over a week, and the piggy sitter not understanding that they were supposed to be separate, my precious Lola is pregnant. We are on day 68 now! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new family members! It's so hard to be patient :)
Well that's just a little about my piggies! :love:

04-27-13, 03:21 am
Hello! Welcome to the site! Beautiful Pigs! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

04-27-13, 06:45 am
I LOVE your grey Abyssininan! Oh my is she GORGEOUS! I hope you read up on your pregnancy stuff! :D My sow Sarabi gave birth to two beautiful pups, although I wasn't the one who was there when she delivered, nibbler100 was.

04-27-13, 07:06 am
Hello and welcome! My curiosity got the best of me but is that a third piggie in the first pic?

04-27-13, 08:12 am
Welcome to the forum! :D

I'm sure all your questions will be answered here!
I know mine have been :)

I am also curious about the first pic xD

04-27-13, 08:15 am
Hello! Welcome to the forum - and by the looks of it it's a Syrian hamster? Or a tiny pig :-)

04-27-13, 08:37 am
Welcome any updates?

04-27-13, 02:00 pm
The first picture features two lovely, calm guineas, and a very excited syrian hamster named Pancake. She did not want to sit still for a pic! Believe it or not, that was the best I could get...
Update: No babies yet! She's still huge, still munching on hay and food. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!