View Full Version : How much scooping for untrained piggies?

05-01-03, 01:40 pm
For those folks who have litter/bedding over whole cage area, how much scooping of solid waste do you do between complete cleanings? I find it's pretty hard to scoop without getting more litter than beans, and I'd be constantly adding more to fill in the bare spots which gets pricey. I've been kind of fluffing it so the beans get covered and top off with as little fresh Carefresh as I can. So far I've been averaging doing a complete change and cleaning every 5-6 days. Does what I'm doing sound ok? I'm interested in others' techniques. Thanks very much! G.

05-01-03, 03:14 pm
I forgot to mention I do scoop out soggy clumps also, and again, refill with fresh litter, but my ? really pertains more to the "beans". Thanks!