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04-22-13, 05:03 pm
Hi everyone! I've never owned Guinea Pigs before, and after all of the research I've done, I'm so, so excited to get a pair of them! I really think they might be the pet for me.. Right now, I have two, three year old Dwarf Hamsters, and one Shih Tzu. Anyway, I was planning on buying some coroplast from a sign shop and getting the typical grids at Wal-mart or a similar store. My question is, is a 2 x 4 cage large enough for two female Guinea Pigs? I'll most likely be adding a loft at some point as well. I figured it wasn't large enough for two males, but I'm wondering if two females can live comfortably together in that size?

04-22-13, 05:07 pm
Yep! The recommended cage for 2 sows is a 2x4 C&C cage. They might end up needing a larger cage, depending on their personalities and how dominant they are.

04-22-13, 05:11 pm
Is it difficult to expand the cage once it's already assembled? Or do you have to buy new coroplast?

04-22-13, 05:48 pm
It is not hard to expand. You can tape the new coroplast to the old one.
I like to buy new sheet when I change my cage though. Since the coroplast I get is pretty cheap. (~$20, used to be $10 per sheet)

If you have space, plan for the bigger cage. A 4x8 ft sheet is perfect for a 2x6 cage.

Edit to add: I'm not trying to push the 2x6. A 2x4 is big enough for 2 pigs. Seeing that you asked about expansion, I thought you could save some money by going with the larger cage.

I also hated it when I first taped coro together to expend my cage. One nice long piece is just better in my opinion.

04-26-13, 02:45 pm
I have two sows and they're living in a 2x4, now I'm going to build them a 2x6! Reason is because they have some dominance issues to set haha. You can always build a 2x6 first, and if it doesn't work for you you can cut it down to a 2x4. Of course, you could just build a 2x4 now and expand it in the future! And a cage can never be too big~

04-26-13, 05:05 pm
LOL...dominance issues here too. Last week I expanded from a 2x4 to a 2x5 with a 2x2 kitchen loft and a 1x2 bedroom loft. I have two young boys that hit puberty so i am taking the advice of not just adding a loft but making the cage wider. Si I am reducing to a 3x 4 with the kitchen and bedroom loft. My advice is build as big as you can now, its less pain.

04-26-13, 08:45 pm
Thanks for the info! For being so social, it seems Guinea Pigs get into quite a few fights! Kind of nervous about that...

04-26-13, 09:23 pm
Personally, I think 2x4 is too small. I know it's up to the standard, but I really think you should go as big as you possibly can. I expanded to a 3x5 for two females as soon as I could, and it's a decent size space. I would still expand if I had room.

04-27-13, 04:00 am
I'll definitely try to go bigger!

04-27-13, 12:06 pm
Thanks for the info! For being so social, it seems Guinea Pigs get into quite a few fights! Kind of nervous about that...

It reminds me of my two sons when they were young, which was a big difference from the fights I had with my sisters. My ex was like, if you are going to fight, fight outside because if you break moms stuff(knick knacks) we all are in trouble.