View Full Version : Wild rats/mice and caged pets

04-21-13, 03:44 pm
I have a pet rat and a guinea pig.i have rats and mice in my house,have for over a year. It's mostly field mice and for sure one very large brown rat who lives under the bathroom and comes out at night. I hear him thumping and squeaking at night. The mice get in the living room and kitchen at night,and I'm worried about them bothering my babies.the rat is in a glass cage so nothing can get in,and the piggy is in a standard pet store cage (these are temporary cages so no need to lecture me or tell me I'm doing it wrong)

what are the chances of mice bothering them? They are on a fold out table but the mice have climbed up a 4 foot counter. I would live to keep them in the bedroom so I can listen for other critters bothering them but there's no room.

btw we have tried to get rid of the mice/rats but have failed.weve used live traps,regular traps and poison(only once) and they have eaten through every single trap.

04-21-13, 03:48 pm
try and find where they are getting in....a thing they dont like is steel wool...put it in holes were you find them.

04-21-13, 03:52 pm
There's alot of holes
they have completely chewed through parts of the subfloor and walls and you can see outside.
it was like this when we moved in and it's a really old farm house

04-21-13, 04:16 pm
We had a mouse infestation at the start of the year and they went everywhere in the house except for the lounge where the piggies live. I don't know how much truth there is in it but I read something about mice not going near rodents bigger then them.