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04-20-13, 05:05 pm
I spent all day after work yesterday and part of today redoing the piggie cage. I got huggle and muggle mid March, first it was only Huggle my grandson wanted after he went home we went and got Muggle for company, knowing they are pack animals. I originally got a tiny cage they said would be good until they grew up.


I knew it was a horrible size cage, I searched Guinea pig cages and came to this forum. I started reading up and joined since I know nadda about pigs. By week two I build a C&C cage.

Except for a kitchen/hayrack change that 2x4 has been it.

Now they have a 2x5, with a 2x2 patio/kitchen and a 1x2 loft with a 7x42 inch bridge from the kitchen. The ramp is in the middle of the floor so they can run around it, hide under it, which ever they want. I just got done the bridge and 1x2 loft so I have a trail of food leading over. (which they just ignored) I have the inserts cut for flippers and I ordered two uhaul pads this morning to make them. I even got more fleece today ;P I plan to make some beds tonight for them. The whole lower floor is for running, playing what ever they want to do. They popped corned like crazy last night and zoomed up and down the ramp.

Even though I have two boars, I have a few with pink in them.....they'll never know. I will be adding a skirt to hide the storage area even though I did buy cloth bins for some of the areas. I kept the store bought cage for cleaning or I can even close off the 1x2 bedroom loft.

So this is their new home, the fleece doesn't match but I didn't want to cut any until I got everything cut for flippers. I did notice them looking around up at the hangons like what are those...lol

Now if only they quit running!
Its a bunch of pictures.... ;P

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Very nice! I bet they love it

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Uggggg...ignore the open bathroom....

I also got a few big tiles encase it gets warm while at work. They stay pretty cool, I will also keep frozen water bottles wrapped for them.