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05-02-03, 10:27 am
I keep my cage clean. I change it weekly. I use the vinegar and water formula. I even use a baking soda- based deoderizer. I spot change the second step, Frank's favorite waste spot. I wash the fleece.

He still smells. |I

Frank is male. I realize that he has his own little "manly odor" that he secretes. So I use a ferret spray bath to keep his fur clean and keep his body from smelling. But I have not totally figured out how to clean his grease gland. I've tried using a q-tip and water. He hates it. So my question goes out, how do you clean the grease gland?

The cage continues to smell during the later part of the week. Is that normal? Exactly, what do I spot change for? I usually go for the favorite spots.

But all in all, my guinea pig still possesses an odor. And it is driving me nuts. The forum claims that they don't smell. And I have yet to find that. I'd really like to know what am I doing wrong. I would appreciate any insight on the subject. Thanks.

05-05-03, 01:24 pm
Doesn't sound like your doing anything wrong. Only thing I can hink off is that your missing a spot he's using to wee so it's staying there untill you clean the whole cage. Perhaps he's just extra smelly? I have 8 pigs in my livingroom (and two rats and a hamster) two are male and they don't smell. I mean they smell of pigs, but it's not a bad smell. I spot clean every two days or so and then clean the whole cage once a week. I have 5 sows and 2 boars

05-06-03, 09:27 am
Are there females nearby? Can he smell them, or see them? My guys only secret their "male odor" when a femals is around, especially if she is in heat.

The only other time I've had them start to smell like that is when they're establishing dominance over another male. Is there a young male in the cage with him? If so, are you absolutely sure the other one is a male?

-Dan III

05-06-03, 05:56 pm
Frank has a girlfriend named Zoe. They live in separate cages side by side. We used to keep them apart, Frank in one room and Zoe in another. During floor time, who ever was free would run to the other room to visit. And they talk, kiss, beg, and get jealous of one another. But they still kinda smelled. My mom wants them to be in one room, so that we will have one smelly "guinea pig" room instead of two.

My family members are complaing that the "guinea pig" room reeks. And when you have a smelly house, it can be embarassing to have guest over. I've tried Odor Grabbers, baking soda, air sponges, and so forth. I need a remedy for this problem.