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05-05-03, 02:57 am
I have a great idea for bedding and I'm assuming that no one has done this since I haven't seen any one do this. Put soil instead of bedding. If u do so when u clean the cage all u do is water the soil so it wont be hard and clean the acessories. You cna even grow grass for the cavies to eat. If u do plant the plant would grow very nicely because a cavy's urine would be fertilizer.

Please comment on my idea.

05-05-03, 01:12 pm
I think soil would be a very bad idea. Not only would it make your pigs dirty but with the soil would come many many bugs and bacteria, not to mention any chemicals that maybe in it. There's no way to know if any of these could harm your pigs and they could be bitten by things living in the soil (that are mostly too small for you to see and remove) Don't think it would be very comfortable either.

05-05-03, 03:14 pm
Well i dont really think it that bad of an idea. Im sure u can buy some non toxic soil from a garden store. Any ways in cavy's natural habitat they live on soil. So i think it might work.

05-06-03, 08:20 am
The soil isn't toxic and you can't take away the micro-organisms or the chemicals making up the soil they are just part of soil (I'm a gardener) If you were to buy any kind of soil it wouldn't save you money, it's not cheap. In the wild pigs lives in grass which of course grows from soil but their not living directly on soil.

Briana D
05-06-03, 09:52 am
I don't know of any responsible pet owner that would recommend having their pig live in dirt. Also wild cavies are a bit different from the domesticated pigs we having living in our houses. Please don't make you pet live in dirt. Plus I really don't think you'd save much money.

<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>water the soil so it wont be hard

Watering the dirt would result in your pig(s) living in mud. Please don't even consider this as a healthy and safe bedding for your pigs.

05-07-03, 03:33 pm
thanks for the feed back guys. im new at this so i dunno much <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif ALT=":o"> . i guess ill try to get a cheap crosscutting paper shredder and shred some newspaper for bedding?

05-07-03, 11:49 pm
Newspaper isn't too absorbent in itself - (but maybe the shredder will improve that), plus the ink could mess up your pigs - you could end up with soggy grubby piggies....

05-08-03, 05:32 am
I use shredded newspaper for my pigs sometimes over a layer of newspaper (to make it easier to clean and absorb any urine) works fine.