View Full Version : Ramps How to make a ramp?

04-12-13, 07:46 pm
Hi Guys!

I'm adding a second floor to my pigs cage prob today, but I really need to know how to make a ramp...
I want to make it out of coroplast if its possible...
I also have some wire mesh, would it work if I put wire mesh then connected coroplast to it?
Or is there an easier way to make one?

(Its going to be a pretty long ramp so I need it to be pretty strong...)

Thanks Guys!!

04-13-13, 02:16 am
i dont think you can make a long ramp out of pure coroplast, there wouldn't be enough support i think? maybe if you made it with two layers and have something under for support.
http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-cages/21245-how-properly-build-ramp-pics-incl.html this thread shows a basic ramp! :)

04-13-13, 04:27 am
Thank you!!

04-13-13, 08:23 am
You go in your backyard with a saw and cut some wood. Then you sand paper it down so it doesnt hurt your pigs feet. Then you pull out some carpet from where ever you can and you staple it down so theres no tension/friction. Then you get a nail and a hammer and attach it to the cage. Cheap (free to me) and it works ;)

04-14-13, 10:53 am
Depending on which direction you are cutting coroplast, I have seen ideas that people cut wire coat hangers and thread the wire along inside the plastic. Maybe that would work with the length of your ramp?