View Full Version : Behavior Fleece hay bag

04-12-13, 01:15 am
So..I got a fleece hay bag from the gpc store. Love it, yet my 5 month fat.. American short hair. Sum how got stuck in the bag twice... Hes a big boy. No idea how he got in other then. squeezing his body inside. Anyone else run into this problem. My 2 other boars were standing near the bag, looking at him like a mad man.

04-12-13, 01:53 am
47332bigger then he looks..... caleb

04-12-13, 02:17 am
One of my Cuys, Cali, loves to hide in her hay bag its hilarious since she has a hug butt!!!

04-12-13, 04:35 am
if the top is open you might want to peg it shut :)