View Full Version : Cage Getting some Cubes and Coroplast soon!!

04-08-13, 10:00 pm
Hi everyone!

For once i'm exited to be going to bunnings xD
Most of the time I dread going there... I find it so boring!

But where going shopping soon and we will be going to bunnings to get some Cubes and Coroplast to expand my piggies cage!! :D :D :D

I can't wait! I will try and get a pic of the cage now and after when its done!

04-08-13, 10:12 pm
Woohoo! That is exciting! If you are out of luck for grids at Bunnings you can use closet shelving. Its longer but you can still cable tie it together just like you would the cubes. Cubes/grids are getting very hard to find here in Oz!

04-09-13, 04:47 am
Ok thanks very much for telling me that :D
I would be pretty annoyed if they didn't have any and had to go home without anything... :P

04-09-13, 05:05 am
good luck with buying the supplies and cage building :D

04-09-13, 05:11 am
Thanks! :D
I can't wait to go shopping for once! xD

04-09-13, 05:54 am
When asking for coroplast, make sure you address it as coroflute, or they will have no idea what you are talking about!
And you might want to pick up some cable ties while your there, the Rubbermaids storage cubes don't have enough connectors to make a C&C.
Good luck! Make sure you post some pictures of Skittles and Mo in their new cage!

04-09-13, 05:45 pm
Thanks Mocha! :D Its like you can read my mind xD I was going to ask for a quick reminder on what to ask for! Haha thanks! :D

And I still haven't even posted pigtures of Skittles or Mo yet O.o
Better get to that xD

Where going to the shops tomorrow! :D

04-11-13, 04:48 am
YAY!! I finally got the stuff and have made the new part of the cage!! :D
It's SOOOO much bigger!! I wonder what to do with it...

It's half C&C half not xD I will have to post a picture soon it's a little hard to explain... xD
I will tell you what the Sq ft of it when I know! :D