View Full Version : Upper Levels finally building proper 2nd floor

04-06-13, 05:46 am
finally it was time to order a bunch of pet supplies online, so i got the chance to buy the last pack of pet playpen grids i needed to complete the second level of my cage!
a few hours of securing the cage and re-zipping some parts later, the second floor is born! pardon the messy first floor, it's cage cleaning day and i'm shifting things around abit
46748 so while i'm busy making enough noise and lightly shaking the cage due to securing zip ties.... working hard and possibly getting high on pee fumes.. i see this little bugger just LAYING THERE SLEEPING. if she didn't look so cute i would have prodded her awake :grumpy:

anyway, in all my years of having pets, i think doing things for them got me the most injuries. i have to point out that you MUST cut zip ties correctly so as not to leave sharp edges sticking out to do this to you arms when you fiddle around the cage.
as a precaution, the ends of the zip ties are all outside of the cage so that no piggy will come to harm.

i'll clean up and work on the kitchen soon!

04-06-13, 05:50 am
Good job, looks great! How cheeky of your totally content furball!
Yes, I neurotically make sure all my million cable tie ends are outside too :crazy:

04-06-13, 11:19 am
Ow, those scratches look painful. But, your little piggy looks so cute!

04-06-13, 11:29 am
cleaned the whole cage, put them in for 10 minutes and there's already hay on the fleece X_X oh well


46761very happy to say they know how to get to the second floor :D
46763and a picture taken from floor time, where i tried the highly recommended 'hay in the paper bag'! they loved it :)

04-07-13, 02:44 am
Nice job! They look happy. I cut zip ties first with sissors and then clip them tight, so no edges are sticking out, (as I've been scratched like that too) with toe nail clippers.

04-07-13, 02:52 am
oh that's smart, i 'll do that!

04-07-13, 02:58 am
I love your cage! So creative and cozy, and your piggies are adorable.

04-07-13, 03:05 am
I love the skeleton animal fleece! Uhhh, so cute!
Your pigs are so cute, Piggy looks like a little wig, adorable.