View Full Version : Cage Newspaper in cage?

04-05-13, 04:30 pm
I put some newspaper under the hay rack & under her pigloo, it is safe to have newspaper in their cage, right? :)

04-05-13, 04:33 pm
I always have newspaper under the fleece, don't know about directly under their feet.

04-05-13, 04:34 pm
most newspapers use soy-based ink these days so it should be safe. but i wouldn't put newspaper because it is quite slow to absorb and your piggy will be sitting in his/her pee long enough for the fur to get wet.

some people make a small 'pee pad' to put under igloos for easy cleaning. as for the hay rack, you could make a small box with slightly higher sides (any carboard box, coroplast or similar material) to put underneath the hay rack as a 'kitchen' and fill it with regular bedding or a small pee pad. this would really make cleaning much easier! :)