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04-03-13, 01:05 pm
Looking for a bunny rescue or an experienced bunny owner:

Meet Squirt! This 7 month old domestic bunny is a sweetie. He loves to be pet, he loves getting treats, he loves just hanging out. But what makes Squirt stand out is his head tilt. He has the head tilt because of a neurological disorder. But, he’s happy, and he’s otherwise healthy. Squirt is eating well and is pretty
happy-go-lucky, but, he does prefer to have all 4 of his feet on the ground, as he gets a bit dizzy when you pick him up. Because Squirt has a good quality of life and a sweet little personality, we really want to see him live out that life in a loving home. Could you be the one to open your home and your heart to

Squirt can be found at the SPCA of Anne Arundel County in Annapolis, Maryland.

Squirt: Timeline Photos | Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=552993861390700&set=a.206627142694042.53667.108665699156854&type=1&theater)

04-03-13, 01:09 pm
Oh, poor baby. I hope someone gives him a forever home. It breaks my heart to see animals so young without the love they need from an owner.

I just looked at the pictures. He is SERIOUSLY beautiful. I want him!

04-03-13, 01:43 pm
Oh my that is the cutest bunny ever. Really hope he finds a forever home. I would take him, but I already have 6 guinea pigs and I'm pretty sure the hubby would flip.

04-03-13, 02:33 pm
He really is a sweet heart too, and even cuter in person. I work at the SPCA and I am really tempted to take him myself, but I don't believe I have the means to care properly for a rabbit, or the stability in the long-term as I live with my parents right now and don't know exactly what I'm doing in the next few years in terms of going off to school or whatnot. Ugh, breaks my heart. He came in with 8 other rabbits, who were turned in because their owner "wants a dog"... I don't even.

05-10-13, 01:23 pm
UPDATE: I have adopted Squirt (now Benny Von Fluffybuttkins) myself! But I have another adoption listing for a special needs guinea pig I'm fostering here - Guinea Pigs in Stevensville, Maryland - Special Needs Piggie in Need of Loving Slave (http://www.guineapigzone.com/guinea-pigs-for-sale-adoption/3311-special-needs-piggie-in-need-of-loving-slave)