View Full Version : Introducing My Girls!!

08-07-05, 08:05 pm
I've been trying to get a pigture of my girls put on my avatar or profile but they're too big. Hopefully, the pigtures won't be too big on here and I've attached them right. Angel is my girl that's blind and Snowball is my girl that lost her baby early this week. :lovestruc


(Note from Ly-I removed your attachment and put a link to the photo instead.)

08-07-05, 09:27 pm
Send me a copy of the photo to [email protected] and I will resize it for you and put it up as your avatar for you.

08-07-05, 09:32 pm
They are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute that is so sad about the blindness though

08-08-05, 01:14 am
Adorable! Does the blind pig manage the ramp and second level, or does she just stay at the bottom? I'm interesed to know how she manages with behaving like a happy, normal pig and not being able to see.

08-08-05, 07:43 am
They are adorable!

08-10-05, 07:46 pm
Angel, my visually impaired cavy, does well w/ the ramp and bridge to the "kitchen". When we first got her, I lured her up to the kitchen by sticking a piece of veggie in front of her nose to get her to follow it to the food. She goes all over the place and knows where the water bottles are kept and everything. She even has adjusted when I've made adjustments to the cage. I think she's one that kind of pees where she's standing. Thanks for all the compliments on my first cage. I want to extend it to a 3x5 w/ a 2nd and 3rd floor but I'm not sure yet if I'll do both or one or the other. Angel actually smells the food before I get it out. She wheeks waaaay before my other two girls. She's so cute!!

08-10-05, 08:04 pm
Angel smelling is probably better to compensate for her impaired vision.