View Full Version : Hi from Northern, MI ... High risk pregnancy :/

03-29-13, 07:19 pm
Hi everybody. I am not new to cavies, I have owned at least 1 at any time for over 10 years! I got my first one about the age of 8... Right now my family has one male named Zookie. A tortoiseshell american.
And I just today bought a young sow who just weaned a litter and is pregnant again (impregnated the day she popped) so Im hoping you guys can help me with her situation... I posted all about it in the pregnancy section.

I am NOT going to breed them, No worries there. I just couldn't leave this poor sow in the petstore, or worse going to a home that knows absolutely nothing about them... The petstore didn't even know that she is pregnant (or didn't say it)! Gurrr, they make me mad... That is why I try to stay out of petco!