View Full Version : Size Floor time still needed ?

03-29-13, 06:55 pm
Hello again :)

A few weeks ago I made my piggies a much larger cage. Its made from a run and takes up half of my room. Do you think i should still give the pigs floor time ? They still dont like to be handled and i dont know if its worth stressing them out to go into a smaller enclosure for an hour ? :sad:

03-29-13, 07:36 pm
If they have lots of room then they don't really need floor time. Some people like to do it because it gives the pigs something else to do and another place to go. I don't often do floor time because both my cages are 2x7 with just two pigs in each plus not all my guys get along which makes floor time interesting to say the least.

03-29-13, 08:08 pm
If I try to give my girls floor time, they will soak my floor and themselves with urine. I'm not sure why, but they pee soo much during floor and lap time, that it will inevitably end up in a bath for them...and myself. I save us all the trouble and skip floor time. Until its warm enough to go outside.