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03-28-13, 08:49 pm
Hello everyone, my husband and I are preparing a future home for two female cuties. We bought the cage, some toys, and other treats so far. We contacted our local shelter and hopefully get a response by Monday. We will keep everyone updated.

03-28-13, 08:51 pm
Kudos to you for adopting!
When you get them, pigtures are a must.

03-28-13, 09:01 pm
Welcome. Great information via this site.

03-29-13, 06:48 pm
welcome to the forum and it's awesome you are going to adopt! we would love to see pictures when you get one.

03-29-13, 07:03 pm
Congrats! It's so exciting getting ready to welcome new piggies home!

03-29-13, 07:04 pm
Congrats ! Owning a piggie is one of the best things you can do in my book :)

03-29-13, 07:25 pm
welcome! Ive adopted guinea pigs in santa barbra but live up here in san fran. because it was hard to find fellow males for my herd! but well worth the drive! hope you get the 2 sweet ladies

03-29-13, 07:25 pm
Thank you all! I got some good news today and wanted to share. Our application has been approved. Hopefully I will have my babies latest on Tuesday. I would be perfect to have them with us on Easter but better than nothing right? :sad::)

04-02-13, 11:30 am
I had some problems with adoption so I unfortunately had to buy them. But they are so cute!!! here are the pix of my girls. Puffy and Fluffy =) I will post better pictures and videos later. Now I will go and try to communicate with my babies =) 4648346484

04-02-13, 11:34 am
cute looking piggies! do check the gender, just to be sure. also it's a good idea to leave them alone for at least a day to get used to their surroundings. having enough places to hide is also good :)

04-02-13, 11:35 am
They are so adorable!

04-02-13, 11:48 am
Thank You Seika and Varcoda =) They have their pigloos I also put the hay food and the water. I don't know how I can hold myself to not touch them but I'll listen your advice. =) When I try to touch them they don't run away and let me pet them I think this is a good sign that they also like their mommy =)

04-02-13, 02:29 pm
new piggies tend to 'freeze' when they are nervous or scared, so MAYBE they don't run away XD

oh i know how hard it is to resist................... but stay strong :D