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03-28-13, 01:40 pm
We've had guinea pigs for about three years. We started with one (female named Fiona) in a little pet store cage. She was in there for two years until I got a female guinea pig. We moved them both into a larger rabbit cage, but it still wasn't ideal. Then we came across the C&C cages. I called around to the local sign shops and I got a free 8'X2' white coroplast. Then I bought a package of grids from Bed Bath and Beyond. We had enough to make a 2x4 cage with a 1x2 loft.
Sadly we lost our first guinea pig yesterday. If anyone has any input of why she might have died, I have a thread going for that.
My guinea pig Pixel is doing okay but we are going to take her to the vet for a check up.

Little One
03-28-13, 01:45 pm
Hi welcome to the forum! I'm sorry for your loss :( Thats always a hard thing to go through. I hope all is well with Pixel.

03-28-13, 02:26 pm
welcome to the forum, i'm sorry you lost a piggy. hope your other one will be okay at the vet's!

03-28-13, 02:32 pm
Hello and welcome! Please enjoy the site ad feel free to ask questions! :)

03-28-13, 05:35 pm
Thanks for all the welcomes! Pixel is taking it worse than we are, poor thing. In a couple weeks we are going to get her a friend or two. I love my piggy. :love: