View Full Version : Excited to Join!!

03-27-13, 02:21 pm
Hello everyone! I was just browsing around looking for some new toy ideas for my two girls and thought I might as well join, seeing how often I visit this site! :) Anyway, I'm very excited to be here! :D I have two girl cavies, Lily and Maura, whom I love very much.

Anyway, that being said, back to why I'm here in the first place. Does anyone have some good ideas for new toys for my girls? I have a bunch of tubes, ramps, and hideaways (tubes seem to be their favourites), but I wanted something new to spice it up, since they seem to also be getting a bit bored with the current selection. Any thoughts? :D

03-27-13, 02:34 pm
Welcome! We're happy you joined!

PVC pipe is fun for them to play with, and you can make it into different shapes.

03-27-13, 03:07 pm
i have a ball with a bell inside, i hear it jingle now and then but i don't know if they actually play with it.. stuffing random boxes/toilet paper rolls/paper bags with hay is also fun.

just changing the layout of your cage will get them abit more interested too :) they might start running around to re-explore. some people try soft toys (make sure they don't eat it though). honestly though, my piggies love their tunnel best... nothing else compares XD