View Full Version : Size Big enough for 2 pigs?

03-26-13, 08:35 pm
I bought these grids today, and so far only Pumpkin is in there. I don't have enough space right now (will have more this weekend) but i plan on making a 4x3 grid cage for the girls, and a 4x4 grid cage for the boys.

As for now, she lives in this
It's just a 2x3 cage for now, she has to live alone for 10 days due to vets orders, no big deal for now :)

But, i plan on moving her cage-friend in after about 11 days, adding another igloo, food bowl, and water bottle; that way they don't bully each other.

Is a 2x3 grid big enough for the two of them? Even though the main page says 1 pig = 2x3 grid :/

03-26-13, 08:37 pm
2x3 is also the minimum for 2 pigs, but a 2x4 is preferred. They may be fine together in a 2x3, but if there is any squabbling you may want to make it larger. Also provide extra hideys and more than one food/water dish/bottle so there isn't any hogging.

03-26-13, 09:09 pm
Okay, i think that they will be fine. Because by the time i get more floor space, the cage will get bigger. thank you :) ellisa

I did some drawing of what the cages could look like, but the wall space is 125 inches. Which would be 9 of my grids. So one cage will have to be 3 grids going across the wall, and the other will have to be 4 grids (or less) that way they aren't too close to each other. I just don't want anything happening to the boys (like them trying to get out). Another thing that worries me is the space between each of the grids. It seems a little large, but i don't think they will be able to get their heads through. So i might just get a shower curtain to go along the sides as well. Oh well.. just my mind is running is all..

03-26-13, 09:20 pm
A 2x3 is fine if the pigs get along really will. If they start fighting you may want to expand the cage. For guinea pigs, bigger is better! :crazy:

03-27-13, 05:55 pm
That is a fine cage....
But for boars, bigger is ALLWAYS better