View Full Version : HELP: Which bedding and hay is good to use?

07-03-03, 05:10 pm
Which type of bedding and hay is good to use for two piggys. Also how much hay should i buy for them?

MoMmA CaVy3160
07-06-03, 07:27 pm
the best bedding you can buy (if you can afford it on a regular basis) is carefresh. if your gonna buy a wood-type bedding, then you should get aspen. pine bedding isn't healthy for piggies or any small animal, although there are some cavy owners that have no problem with pine, so it's mostly a 50/50 with using pine for bedding, although everyone can agree on not to use cedar bedding (no matter how cheep and convenient to buy). if you have no choice to buy pine, buy a bag of care fesh to put on top on the pine so it will block some of the fumes that evaporate from the wood when the piggies pee on it. as for hay, timothy is the hay all piggies eat, if your piggie is 5 months old and younger or if your piggie is pregnant alfalfa hay is good for them, not too much though since too much alfalfa hay can lead to kidney stones if it is given after a certain age. the hay should be bought fresh if possible, if you have to buy from a pet shop or pet supply store, try to look for a really green bag of timothy hay. it should be very soft, very frargant and no brown leaves. some pet shops carry oxbow hay which is really good, alittle costly than the other brands but the piggies love it. if you can't find oxbow, kaytee carrys a very good brand of timothy hay, it's a slight deeper shade of green but its very fragrant, these are the only two store brands that i trust and liked. alittle research online will help you out further on making a desision on brands of hay and bedding to buy, there's just too many options to list :p , lol. hope this helps :) .