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08-06-05, 05:14 pm
About two weeks ago, I got ready to adopt two new guinea pigs. Today, we made a trip to Tupelo, where we picked up the pigs, who were coming from Memphis. They come from Kat's Kritters in Tennessee. (http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/TN255.html (http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/TN255.html) for anyone who may be in that area and looking to adopt) They were originally for some kids who didn't want to take care of them anymore, so their mom was left to deal with them. When she had enough of cleaning their cage, she turned them over to Kat's Kritters. Typical story, isn't it? Since they've been with the rescue, they had veterinary care, and one of them was treated for an abscess, which apparently formed when they were with the original owners and still living in a small cage.

This is Riley. His foster mom said he was skittish, but he's done well so far. but they're flying all over the place. Riley has been standing on top of his Pigloos and jumping in the hayrack for about an hour now.

Pogo and Riley

08-06-05, 05:27 pm
Ooooo I better not show this thread to Chris. He'll stop by on his way back from Atlanta to steal Riley. He's been wanting a brown pig with face markings just like that.

08-06-05, 05:49 pm
*GRAB* Too late he's MINE!!!! :D

They are both absolute cute!

08-06-05, 07:14 pm
Aw they're so adorable! I love Pogo's colours! =D

08-06-05, 08:19 pm
I'm so happy with these two boys. They woofed down their veggies and even ate the peppers, which Temporary and Permanent usually don't eat. Glad someone likes those peppers!

Percy's Mom
08-06-05, 08:23 pm
What handsome boys! Maybe they'll teach Temporary and Permanent that peppers are yummy and good for them.

08-06-05, 09:42 pm
Oh they are perfect! I'm glad you found them and given them a great new home.

08-07-05, 01:39 am
Riley has been standing on top of his Pigloos and jumping in the hayrack for about an hour now.

Haha, that made me laugh when I saw that! Very cute! Both pigs are gorgeous, and I just love the markings on Pogo!