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03-25-13, 02:01 am
Hey everyone!

My name's Jade and I'm from South Australia. I joined this forum because I'm a part of every other animal forum so why not guinea pigs? I own 2 sister pigges. Shadow and Nomad. About 1 year and a half. Shadow is 875g and Nomad is 925g. I've had them since October 2011 but found out I am SEVERELY allergic to them :sad: But I made a commitment (And I really love them) so I've kept them :) They are very spoilt and loved:heart::heart::heart:

A bit about me: I'm 14 and work at a local veterinary clinic, I specialise in rodents and reptiles (mainly reps though). I own 22 animals (2 guinea pigs, 8 rats, 3 pythons, 2 beardies, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 pleco, 1 axolotl, 1 dtella and a galah:eye-poppi). I own my own rodentry (Tribal Rat Rodentry) and I breed beardies. I love my bass guitar and rock/metal music. I play at local pubs/venues with my band every so often and have a blast! I love my art as well. I do tribal tattoo designing for various parlors and just paint and draw :) I also love DIY stuff. I build snake and reptile enclosures out of old cupboards and cabinets with my dad. They look really cool :cool:With all that info people think I am a pretty 'rough' and messed up girl but I really am a nerd :P I have never got a detention in my life and haven't got a grade under a B. And my face isn't full of piercings either :silly:

Looking forward to meeting you all and your gorgeous guinea pigs!

And hopefully my pictures work! Shadow is fully black and Nomad has the orangey-brown stripe on her :love: