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03-23-13, 04:32 pm
I decided to finally join this forum. I have read it occasionally for a while. I am a frequent visitor to GL, but I like the larger number of posts to read on here.

A little about me: I am a graduate student in Sociology. I have completed my coursework, and I am just finishing up my research. I have a MBA in Marketing as well. I love teaching (I teach Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies), so if I can ever help anyone in those areas let me know. I have spent my entire life with horses, and I am the third generation of equestrian in my family. I know Arabians and Miniatures the best, but I have some experience with other breeds as well.

Animals: I have around 40 horses, 8 dogs, 1 cat (and 1 stray I care for, but he refuses to allow me to come near him), 3 guinea pigs, 2 bettas and 4 mystery snails.

My history with pigs:

In spring of 2009, I lost two hermit crabs and as they died I felt helpless. I still don't know what caused them to die. They had lived almost 5 years with me without any change of routine. Then one night they both stressed, came out of their shells and refused to stay in them. When my horses are sick, when my dogs are sick, when my cats are sick, I am able to take them to the vet. I couldn't find anyone to help me with my hermit crabs, and thus I swore off animals I couldn't find vets to help me care for. The space where the crabs 20 g had been looked empty, so I decided to get a bird. I went to PetCo to get a small bird, but ended up seeing and falling in love with a little black abby. Clementine came home with me in March 2009. I quickly noticed her coughing/sneezing and found GL. The members there told me to take her to the vet, I found one with good reviews as cavy savy, and Clementine was treated for a URI. Learning more about pigs, I realized my pet store cage was not big enough. I built Clementine a 2x4 C&C, with a 2nd level that is 2x2. She seemed so small and alone...

In August 2009, after searching Craigs List for several months for a pig to rescue I came across a family that had bought a pig that was pregnant from a pet store. They had two baby girls, but they wanted to keep one and rehome the other. They didn't care which pig stayed, and which was rehomed. I told them I didn't care either, and to pick the one they liked the least and I would happily take her. I drove an hour to pick up Odette and she squealed the whole hour home. I QT'd her for a few weeks, took her to the vet for an examination and then plopped her into the cage with Clementine. Odette quickly became the dominant girl. I thought my piggy family was complete at this point. But...

In December 2012, a friend of mine told me about a rescue pig that was special needs. She had neurological issues that resulted from an untreated ear infection. I waited a couple weeks to see if anyone would adopt her, but no one was interested in a circling pig that had trouble standing. Indiana Rose came home with me a few days before Christmas. Within a few weeks, she was acting like a normal pig. She still has episodes when she is excited or scared where she circles, falls or rolls around in a little ball, but those are few are far between. She is now in the cage with Odette and Clementine, so I "think" my piggy family is complete.

03-23-13, 05:26 pm
that's a lot of animals you have, how do you have time for them all? :)

so happy you gave Indiana Rose a home! seems like she's in good hands.

03-23-13, 07:55 pm
that's a lot of animals you have, how do you have time for them all? :)

so happy you gave Indiana Rose a home! seems like she's in good hands.

Yep, my pigs have quite an expansive number of brothers and sisters of other species. :). The horses are pretty easy because most are on pasture. The dogs do well since they are their own little pack, and they can either interact with each other, or come and curl up in a lap. Honestly, I am kinda bad and use play time with piggies as an excuse to not do homework/ write my research. The bettas sometimes get left behind in the mix, I will admit that. But, they still always get water changes on time/daily feeding, they just might not get the attention I wish I would give them.

ETA: I forgot about the cat. He's a barn cat, and he gets loving when I'm down working horses. I would prefer an indoor cat, but he was born to a feral mother in our hay barn and he does not like to be indoors.

03-23-13, 08:51 pm
First off, Welcome to the Forum! I really enjoyed reading about you and your animals. Your story about Indiana Rose really touched home with me. I once adopted a pet rat, who like Indiana Rose, had had a ear infection, which ended up causing "head tilt". (that's what it is called, if their head titls to the side, and yes this can cause them to run circles and even fall down.) Since no one adopted the little rat with head tilt, I did and brought her home and called her Tilly.

Animals with special needs like your Indiana Rose are wonderful little pets. Although they are labled as "Special Needs" I have found, like you are, that they adjust very well and living with other guinea pigs (in my case rats) seems to help them a great deal. They are very loving, and the love we give them sure makes a difference to them. Please by all means feel free to post pictures and talk up a storm about you animals, we love to read about them.

03-24-13, 05:51 pm
Welcome to the forums! :) That was very kind of you to adopt a piggy with special needs.

03-24-13, 05:59 pm
Welcome! Seems like you know exactly what you are doing! Thank you for rescuing, you seem like such a good piggie owner. I would love to see pigtures of your pigs, if you have the time to post them! You have an amazing number of animals, I have little enough time for my 3 as it is! There are also a ton of other horse and dog people on here, (like me!) you just have to find them. :)

03-25-13, 09:09 am

These are my pigs. Odette is the orange aby (that pic is from last night), Indiana Rose is the one with the white blaze, she's an American (that is from a few days after she came home, it's dated Dec 26,2012), and Clementine is the black aby, I couldn't get it to turn for some reason, so she looks like Spiderman (that is probably 3 years old now).

I've noticed a lot of horse people are also guinea pig people.