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03-22-13, 10:18 am
Hello - have joined the Forum as I love talking and advising on guinea pigs, am extremely experienced in their care and have lots of advice to share with people on health issues and piggy stuff in general.
I have 19 rescued piggies of all ages and breeds, 6 boys and 13 girls who are extremely spoiled and very loved by us.
Looking forward to finding my way around and sharing piggy stories :)
I live in the UK and have made many friends on another Forum over the past couple of years and have been lucky to meet many of them and their piggies.

03-22-13, 10:30 am
Wow that is a lot of guinea pigs! Welcome to the forum. :)

03-22-13, 10:43 am
Thank you - it's kind of odd as our time in the UK is 16.42 in the afternoon :)

03-22-13, 02:08 pm
Holy moly that's quite the herd! Welcome :)

03-22-13, 02:29 pm
Welcome aboard! Thanks for the advice

R5 plus
03-22-13, 02:47 pm
Welcome. Can't wait to see all those pigtures!

Little One
03-22-13, 02:50 pm
Hi welcome to the forum! Thats a lot of guinea pigs :) We would love to see pigtures