View Full Version : C&C so excited!

03-18-13, 04:32 pm
So right now my girls are in a large rabbit cage with the wire bottom removed, and right now it's okay cause they are small and young, but I've been looking up how to make bigger c&c cages, and after talking with my mom and step-dad, they agree I should get one! They said I have to pay for it myself, but I am getting $100 here soon, as long as I passed my ged, then I'm getting a job shortly after, AND at the end of April is my 18th birthday, and I'll be getting at least $50 for that. Im so happy my girls will have more room soon :) I was wondering though, should I buy one of the kits from this site, or would it be cheaper to make my own? I'm wanting a covered 2x3, maybe a 2x4 if I have enough room and money. Anyone know what is cheaper, and I'd the kits on here would be better quality?

03-18-13, 04:36 pm
If you can find all of the supplies then you could just buy the materials and make it yourself, I think it's a little cheaper than buying one from the site.
But on the other hand, if you aren't very good with measurements then getting one from the site is pretty convenient as it's already pre-cut and all you have to do is tape it together and connect the grids around it. :)