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08-05-05, 07:43 am
We just found a rabbit on our patio this morning. We have a partially enclosed patio and the open part is up high so I don't know how it got in. What do we do? I have an extra cage I put it in with some bedding. I have a water bottle and carrots. What do they eat??

08-05-05, 08:43 am
Did you find a domestic rabbit or a wild one? Rabbits need timothy hay, and a timothy based rabbit pellet. If you dont have rabbit food - timothy hay, dark leafy greens and veggies are fine to feed it.

08-05-05, 08:49 am
In a pinch Rabbits can eat GP pellets. As Kimberly78 said, lots of timothy hay and dark leafy veggies. If you would feed the veggie to your GP then most likely it's fine for the rabbit too.

Rabbits naturally like to go to the bathroom in one place in their cage so adding a litterpan, even one mocked out of coroplast is a good idea and will help with cage cleaning. Put a little bedding and hay in the litterbox along with some of it's poops or put it in the corner of the cage where it is peeing.

Is it a domestic rabbit or wild?

08-05-05, 09:48 am
I'm thinking it must be domestic because my husband had an easy time picking it up. Its fur looks like its not cared for very much though. When I get home I am going to inspect the rabbit better and check out to see if its been kept up. I am amazed how it survived on our patio because we have three cats. In a pinch I put the rabbit in an extra cage and I gave it a bunch of alfalfa, some carrots, and parsely. I also added a water bottle. I didn't give gp pellets because I didn't know if it would make it sick. For bedding I used care fresh. The piggies had just finished off the romaine so I didn't have any available. I will get some rabbit pellets at the store today. I think that should be ok for the time being.

08-05-05, 10:10 am
I think thats fine, but if you are not sure on the age I wouldnt offer alfalfa. That type of hay in adult rabbits can cause kidney problems. Best of luck!!

08-07-05, 02:32 pm
Zak you can get more info on rabbit care at www.rabbits.org (http://www.rabbits.org). One of the best rabbit site there is as well. The best rabbit food that they recomend is from a feedstore and lots of timothy. don't give them too much carrots but dark leafy greens are fine. Good luck. Is there a way you can post a pic of the rabbit.

08-07-05, 02:38 pm
I took Bunny to the vet yesterday and she is appx. 2 months old, 1lb, and healthy. My husband said she was sitting next to Ranger when he found her. Here is a picture of her and Ranger last night. I don't know what kind of rabbit she is and I don't know how big she will get.


08-07-05, 02:44 pm
Awww. I'm glad you saved the little bunny!

08-07-05, 02:52 pm
She looked like a lop mix but her ears are upright. Zak can I show everyone at the rabbits only forum to see what breed your bun is.

08-07-05, 03:25 pm
Ohhhh, she is sooo cute. I hope she has a good personality. I know what it is like to have a rabbit with a evil streak.

08-07-05, 09:01 pm
AngelsCavies, you are more than welcome to show her. I would love to know more about her breed. She has an excellent attitude. I can hold her for a long time and she doesn't try to get away or pee or poop on me. I think that's good. We did let her and Cinnamon visit and he rumblestrutted her and she didn't seem to care. It was cute!

08-07-05, 09:46 pm
Cool I will head on over there now and ask away for ya. You should sign up there when ever you decide on it.

If you sign up. I have made a thread about the rabbit. My screen name there is SweetPeasMommie.

08-12-05, 02:33 pm
Aww- how could anyone just let a bun like that go? She's adorable!



Here are my two favorite sites to check for safe foods.

08-12-05, 03:02 pm
AngelsCavies, I signed up and go on it daily. I really like that forum.

Bunny and Ranger have totally bonded in the past week. Ranger sleeps next to Bunny's cage. When Bunny is out, Ranger is close by at all times.

April, I don't know either how someone could let darling Bunny go! Its definately a terrific gain for us!