View Full Version : Coroplast Can the top of Coroplast hurt the pigs feet??

03-16-13, 12:26 pm
I was just thinking Twix puts his front paws up the rough edge of the choroplast every time I enter the room to greet me, and for veggie feeding, etc..he even likes to stay like that when I pet him....I was thinking it could really hurt or damage his feet? Do your pigs do that? Maybe I should wrap fleece around that one area?

03-16-13, 12:29 pm
It's fine. He won't hurt his feet on it.

03-16-13, 12:30 pm
Thanks!! I was unsure..I just notice he does it all the time as soon as he hears my voice...He is so funny :)

03-16-13, 05:08 pm
It should not hurt them, but if you feel worried about it, you can put binder/project spines around it. They sell them in the C&C cage store and at most office supply stores(even walmart). These things >44926

03-16-13, 06:29 pm
Thanks! great idea...