View Full Version : Cage Cage Ideas

03-15-13, 10:15 am
Since I am have not owned guinea pigs. But I am going to! which do you guys prefer?

A. a Hay loft

B. a kitchen or cafe

c. hay rack!

any advice would help too!:)

03-15-13, 10:47 am
I like my separate kitchen, preferably a 2 grid wide one as my pigs require their personal space or they'll spray pee & ninja kick each other. http://www.booleansoup.com/images/emoticons/eyeroll.gif
(Hence why I now have a separate 2x3 cage as kitchen.)
A loft may work as well, but some pigs have issues with ramps, and reaching under a wider loft to clean or catch a pig can be hard.
Many pigs will also hide under the ramp & loft more which will make that spot dirtier quicker.

I use haybags instead of hay racks as I developed dust allergies as a result of pig ownership, but something to keep the hay off the ground is preferable. I often put a pile of hay on the bottom as well as they love to burrow, sleep & popcorn around in it, but they also pee & poop all over, so it's more for play & entertainment than food.