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03-13-13, 04:09 pm
:cheerful: hello im new here and i have two new baby long hair male and female different parents i got it from my cousin which her guineas had babies im located in new jersey and will like to make friends and will like to know more information about them thank you :confused:

03-13-13, 05:25 pm
Welcome to the site ! You should post pics of your piggies and post any questions that you need answer :)

03-13-13, 05:28 pm
Hello and Welcome,
We would love to see some pigtures of your pigs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

03-14-13, 07:06 am
Welcome! ^^^^^^I agree^^^^^^ Would love to see photos!!! And help with questions! There is so much great advice that you can get from here and so many wonderful people always willing to help! :cheerful:

03-14-13, 02:37 pm
Hello :) X

03-14-13, 02:49 pm
Hellooooo...we would definitely love to see some pigtures! But welcome, first and foremost. We're here to answer any and all of your questions, but we can't replace a vet, although some of us ARE vets lol. Look around, you'll make some great cavy-loving friends!