View Full Version : Skin Problems Rash behind Oliver's ear

03-09-13, 09:41 am
This morning I noticed this rash behind Oliver's ear. I was going to keep an eye on it, definately, and keep it clean. Is there anything else I can do? I don't think he would have caught something from Colian, as he is in quarantine, so there has been no contact between the two. Plus, my hands are washed thoroughly between each pig. I wonder if it could be dry skin. In that case, would vaseline help?


03-09-13, 10:22 am
No vaseline. Hmm, is that his normal bald spot, with what looks like a red spot? Is it raised or scaly? Are there any other spots like that on him?

I wouldn't put anything on it, except maybe some extra virgin coconut oil.

03-09-13, 11:06 am
It's not raised, no. It looks like dry skin to me. And that is his only spot.

03-09-13, 03:00 pm
In that case I would put a little of extra virgin coconut oil on it.

03-09-13, 03:23 pm

I bought this today. I couldn't find extra virgin, but it is organic. Will this do?

03-09-13, 07:48 pm
Looks great!