View Full Version : Coughing Darwynn coughed last night...

03-09-13, 09:12 am
I was walking to my room to go to bed, and stopped to give the piggers more hay, when Darwynn did this like barking sound about 4 times, then rubbed his nose. I'm scared. What could this be? Maybe just a little cold?

Please help me out I freaking for my little piggie. :(

03-09-13, 09:21 am
Guinea pigs don't get colds.
Mocha had a problem where she ate a sharp piece of hay and it scratched the back of her throat, the scratch got infected and moved to her respiraory and she got a URI, and that caused her to cough after she ate.
I would take Darwynn to a vet, just to be on the safe side.

03-09-13, 10:24 am
It sounds to me like he was trying to dislodge something, since he rubbed his nose afterwards. Keep an eye on him, naturally, but I would wait to see if he has any more problems before taking him to the vet.