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03-09-13, 02:58 am
please see this thread to read about my GPs symptoms. http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/medical-veterinary/67642-maybe-fungus-infection-weight-loss-balding-tummy-hips.html

I have a guinea pig (fudge) who will be approximately 4 yrs old on November 1 2013. fudge has the same symptoms as described in thread i mentioned - including his nipples look dark like the photos posted - which is not his normal nipple color. He has bilateral hair loss on his abdomen. He has had a mass under one nipple for approximately a year now. sometimes the nipple would have a clear liquid discharge from it although i have not noticed this happening since around may 2012.

Before this illness - fudge seemed overweight - based on comparison to his male cage mates. He has suffered sudden noticeable weight loss. I believe he has begun to regain weight from my estimation based on feeling his body and handling him.

he seemed lethargic and his eyes were a bit crusty when i noticed the weight loss. he no longer seems lethargic and eyes are no longer crusty. (i think the hair loss symptom may not be related to the weight loss and lethargy.)

His cage mate Cinnamon is approximately 2.5 months old. cage mate's weight and growth seem normal.

Would neutering him help fudge ( the GP w. the hair loss and hyper pigmented nipples and mass under nipple) I also live in Hamilton , Ontario Canada like the OP of please see this thread to read about my GPs symptoms.

fudg was purchased as a very small baby (could fit in the palm of my hand) along with another pig that died in September (butterscotch)

Cinnamon is a new cage mate - fudge was only alone for a few days. Cinnamon had ring worm soon after purchase. The ring worm was successfully treated with lamisil. fudge (My guinea pig with the current symptoms) never developed any ring worm. when i bought cinnamon he was being housed with rabbits and one other GP. i now realize in retrospect the other GP had the beginnings of RW on his face.

more Background - fudge is on his third cage mate (all male.) 1st cage mate butterscotch suffered sudden weight loss; he was dehydrated but appeared to be drinking often and a lot. I suspected type 1 diabetes (not type 2) but had no success testing his blood sugar or his urine for glucose at approximately 3 years and 1 month old. The second cage mate (carlos ) died at approximately 4 months old - his weight seemed healthy but his growth seemed stunted he grew very little in the 4 months I had him. carlos appeared to be unable to swallow and chew food - this began around the time he grew ill. I now suspect his teeth had a problem that caused him to starve to death. . i mentioned that i have GPs to the vet i take my dog to they do not treat GPs but he did mention that they neuter GPs.

03-09-13, 03:19 am
Just inspected fudge’s nipples. There is only a very small lump under both lower nipples. At one point he had a mass the size of a pea and it was clearly visible his nipple also was elongated. It reminded me of the appearance of women’s nipples who has just given birth (I am a nursing student and have done a maternity placement).

Cinnamon does not have any palpable lumps. Not sure if older males have palpable lumps under their nipples or if females do ?

Maybe fudge has some kind of hormonal condition. Ovarian cysts sound more like they cause and endocrine disorder in female GPs ? (PCOS is an endocrine disorder in human but ovarian cysts are not the same as PCOS)

Anyways it seems Fudge must have some kind of hormonal / endocrine disorder. I wonder if neutering could fix this , but also worry about him being older and not being able to tolerate Anaesthetic , and heard of a hamster who’s ears fell off from Anaesthetic.

He also has some kind of brown crusty debris around his bottom nipples.

03-09-13, 03:27 am
sorry it looks like he is actively pooping in the belly picture. it is hard to see the weight loss bc he is long haired, his bones are still palpable in places but his belly seems full but not distended.

their eyes are brown i real life

03-09-13, 05:05 am
I'd ask your vet for a recommendation to an exotic vet and bring them in to be checked. Neutering will not cure an illnesses and an exotic vet should be able to figure out what's going on.

03-09-13, 10:04 am
I think it some cases it would like if his testicles are over producing something that is causing the symptoms. Like in pcos the ovaries over produce testosterone that is what causes the symptoms like excessive facial and body hair, male pattern fat distribution etc. (that is a situation where the ovaries over produce male hormones and it causes females negative symptoms)

If his testicles are over producing female hormones then removing them might alleviate his symptoms.

Unfortunately, you cannot trust all vets to do what is in the best interest of the animal; sometimes they will take the course of action that it most profitable for them. This happens a lot in the case of feline and canine diabetes