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03-08-13, 10:50 am
Hey Its cavylover88 here:) I currently do not have a cavy :weepy: But I am getting one in a few weeks!!!! :) I have never owned one but I am doing my research and I am just soooooooo excited lollollollollollollol

03-08-13, 10:56 am
hello, welcome to the forum :) will you consider adopting two instead? they're herd animals and should avoid being alone.
be careful you get two of the same gender :D

03-08-13, 11:44 am
Welcome :) congrats on your piggy. This is a great place to do research and ask questions :) When you get your piggy(s) we pretty much require pictures lol

03-08-13, 08:55 pm
welcome to the forum! this is a great place for research.

and when you finally get a pig you have t post pictures, it's a must like guineagal said haha :)

03-11-13, 09:29 am
welcome to the forum! this is a great place for research.

and when you finally get a pig you have t post pictures, it's a must like guineagal said haha :)

Yes i will I have already done LOTS of research!!!! lol I am making a C&C cage what size do you think would be best for one cavy? (I am going to get 2 but i want to get used to 1 before i get 2!) Also I need help on names!!! when I get him/her probably a boy! so any suggestions? Oh and i know about the herd thing but right now my mom will only let me get 1 :weepy:! But I am homeschooled so I can spend 3-6 hours with it on average a day!!!!!!!!

03-11-13, 09:37 am
if you're prepared to get two then you might as well make a 2x4 :) you can try telling your mother that in some countries its illegal to keep just one guinea pig alone, might get her thinking hehe

get to know him or her first before you name them perhaps? :)

03-11-13, 09:44 am
Do you have a vet fund set aside? I would really work on her with getting 2. I am also homeschooled, but human interaction isn't nearly enough.

If you can only get one I would talk to a rescue and see if they have a lone pig, one that can't get a long with any others as IMO that is the only acceptable and appropriate reason to keep only one guinea pig.

Welcome to the forum.

03-11-13, 09:49 am
welcome to the forum!

03-11-13, 09:53 am
Yes I already have a vet fund! I just have to find a vet! I need to buy the cage and supplies and I already made a list of things I will need! I am getting really excited :)

03-11-13, 10:04 am
lots of my friends have 1 guinea pig and they are just fine! it depends on the piggie! :)

03-11-13, 11:39 am
CavyLover88 I have had a single piggy before. Yes they appear to be just fine, but they really are much happier (and usually live longer) if they have a friend. I found this website and the second point is about just this. I cannot force you to get a second pig, nor will I try. I just want you to be aware of everything while you are making your decisions. Like I said, the choice is up to you, and I will not force my view point down your throat (this will be my last comment about getting a cage mate as I don't want to offend/upset you)... but you should know all the facts. 5 Most Common Guinea Pig Owner Mistakes (http://wymyczak66.hubpages.com/hub/5-Most-Common-Guinea-Pig-Owner-Mistakes)

03-11-13, 08:17 pm
a pig does do better in groups of at least two. there are those rare occasions where they do best alone, but it's very unlikely to come across one. For one guinea pig a 2X3 would be okay, but a 2X4 a lot better. If you want to eventually get two then just go for a 2X4 or bigger :). What I did is measure how much space I have then dedicate that whole area to a C&C cage.

I have one male pig named Justice I got a week ago. He currently lives in a 2X3 C&C cage alone. Yes, he is happy, but I know he would be happier in a bigger cage and with a cage mate. I do plan on getting another pig in the future and upgrading his cage to a 2X5 at least, but I go to college and live with my parents and don't have the room or money right now and he has some health issues that I want to get under control before introducing a friend, but hopefully by the end of the year I can start searching for the right cage mate for him.

I understand not wanting to overwhelm yourself by getting two. Which I think is smart, but please in the future look into getting a cage mate. They will be happier being with someone of their own kind. When you convince your mom to let you have another just make sure you look up on how to bond two pigs successfully.

So, I would adopt a already bonded pair, get at least a 2X4 C&C Cage, but shoot for a bigger one. if you choose to get just one and probably a boy then try to get another cage mate. As for names I got the name Justice when my boyfriend and I thought it would be cute to name it Justice because I am a Criminal Justice major in college (get it? haha). Another way to find names is googling some or wait till their little personalities emerge.

Hoped I help! :)

03-11-13, 09:08 pm
I was going to foster a pair of bonded piggies, but then found a single piggy on craigslist that needed a home. Being new I did do some research but not nearly enough! Now I am extremely worried about getting a second one, whether they will get along or not. Especially being a male, I think he will be harder to pair up. I have found him a friend, but we have not been able to meet up to introduce them yet to see if they along. If not, I've read you may only be able to add a baby with an older male.

About the cage, I have a 2 x 5 cage and it seems too small. I have a tunnel, a pigloo, and 2 litter boxes and a house made out of an upside down box. It gets pretty crowded when you start putting accessories inside. Just some additional info to think about. Hope it helps.

03-11-13, 09:17 pm
TiaColleen it shouldn't matter. and just because an introduction is a little rocky doesn't mean they wont get along in the end. Peri and Aja didn't get along at first but now they get along fine