View Full Version : C&C Just found some grids!

03-05-13, 02:59 pm
I just found grids on ebay for about 29 and they can be delivered within 3 days.
Does anyone in the UK know if that's a good price? xD I'm not sure. It's 16 grids.

I might buy extra for storage, but not sure if that is really needed - my room is quite big ;)

03-05-13, 03:27 pm
grendle enterprises sells 28 grids and conectors and zip ties for 45.00 ^

03-05-13, 03:34 pm
On Librex you can get 20 grids with connectors and clips for 28.99, I've bought them myself and they're very good! : Safco Wire Storage Cubes (http://librex.co.uk/safco-wire-cubes-5279bl.html)

03-05-13, 04:18 pm
Safco Wire Cubes in Black | Wayfair UK (http://www.wayfair.co.uk/Safco-Wire-Cubes-in-Black-5279BL-SAF1061.html) I have these same as the ones Abbie Lauren posted I got them from wayfair as I needed several boxes which meant free shipping and they found me a discount code on their system which was even better too!