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03-01-13, 09:40 pm
My senior pig seemed fine earlier but of early evening, maybe late afternoon he has been pretty lethargic. His eyes have now become very watery (both eyes) and he has not finished his pellets from this morning, which is very out of the blue for him. In other words, watery eyes, lethargy, and appetite decreased. He ate his veggies earlier, is pooping normally, and saw him munching some on hay but not as much as usual. Obviously, I'm worried. No vet open right now and not for about 10.5 hours. Im worried it could be a uri.

I do have some Baytril left from another pig and know the dosage amount for the other pig, who was smaller than this one. I am wondering if I should give him a dose, just in case. The Baytril was prescribed last yr in July so it is almost a year old.

Opinions??? Thoughts???

03-01-13, 09:48 pm
Have you been keeping track of his weight? Has he lost any?

03-01-13, 09:50 pm
He has not recently lost weight. He lost some a couple of months ago or so but is still at a very healthy weight.

03-01-13, 09:51 pm
I should say that he actually pretty steadily lost weight over a long period of time but now remains stable at around 850.

03-01-13, 10:16 pm
Anyone? Feedback?

03-01-13, 10:49 pm
Raspy breathing now as well.

03-01-13, 11:35 pm
I would start the Baytril. My vet gave me an extra bottle to keep on hand in case they get a URI on the weekend. She said it has a shelf life of a year so yours should still be good. How old is your piggy?

03-02-13, 12:25 am
He will be 7 in June. I looked up the Baytril shelf life and found anything from a month to what you said. I ended up finding a non-exotic vet that would allow me to drop him off. He was getting much worse literaly by the hour. I was not able to speak to the vet or stay with him. They are supposed to call me. I am so worried. It is 3 wks to the day I lost my other pig and am so heartbroken. I cant believe how fast he was going downhill tonight and I cannot even be with him. I was afraid he would be gone before the vets open in the morning.

03-02-13, 01:44 am
Vet was supposed to call me after seeing him. Waited two hours and still no word. Finally called to find out vet has left and gone back home. She forget to call me. Tech doesnt know his prognosis or if it is URI for sure. She said he is in incubator and on oxygen. Said she THINKS vet gave me an "antibiotic or two" and steroid injection. I asked what antibiotic and she said she didn't know. I was upset they didnt even call and cant/wont tell me anything and she said "Well the Dr. works 15 hours, she needs some sleep, shell be back in around 9 or so." So I am supposed to wait till "9 or so" for a prognosis. I cannot believe this. My normal vet opens at 9. Should I take pick him up in the morning and take him to the normal vet? I know next to nothing about URI's. Can he be off the oxygen?? Please help!!

03-02-13, 06:42 am
UPDATE: I have called to check up on him and they will not give me any update. They will not even tell me if he was alive.

03-02-13, 06:50 am
I am so sorry you're dealing with this. Personally, I would get him right off and take him to your regular cavy-savvy vet as soon as you can get him. The generic answers you are getting don't seem terribly helpful or even kind.

If they can't tell you what they are doing do help, or whether they can help him ... well, we have an older pig with health issues, I personally would rather have him with us if a non-exotic vet doesn't seem to be helping. It's hard enough as it is without being able to trust the person treating them. That's just me.

03-02-13, 07:27 am
I would be very upset about getting no answers. I'm so sorry. When my cat had a day-long vet stay not terribly long ago, I was calling frequently and driving the vet's office crazy, but they were very kind about providing updates. You have the right to answers, even if they don't have any news: "He's resting." or *something! To not even tell you whether your pig is still alive or stable is unconscionable! I second the notion of picking him up and taking him elsewhere.

03-02-13, 07:56 am
I just called my own vet who answered even though he isn't open. His guess is that he died and they don't want to tell me. If he is alive, his concern is that he won't know if he needs to stay on oxygen or can be transported. I cannot believe this is happening.

03-02-13, 08:02 am
Can your vet call the vet who has your pig and ask them what is going on, and to release your pig to you? If the other vet is opening at 9, can you go ahead and go there and be there in person to demand your pig back?

One way or another, you have a right to have your baby back.

I cannot imagine going through this ... wish I could help!

03-02-13, 08:07 am
That doesn't sound normal for any vet clinic not to tell you what is happening with your animal.

When I was new to guinea pigs, I took one of my pigs to a dog-cat-rabbit vet, and she didn't even know what animal Mocha was, she thought she was a hamster.
If you demand them to give you an update on your pig, they should have to as it is your animal and you have every right to know.

Hopefully he get's better soon.
Keep us updated.

03-02-13, 10:32 am
He is dead. He wasn't dead when I got there but was doing very badly. Struggling to breath. It took so much effort and his whole body to raise his head and great me. He was still smiling. She said she thought he had improved some but she didn't know what was wrong. His breathing was getting worse as I sat with him on my lap. I didn't know if I should take him to my vet. I felt like I had to make such a quick desicion. I ended up euthanizing him. I am just so scared that maybe he would have gotten better. But I also knew he will be 7 and was so scared to have him suffer. He died exactly 3 weeks and 1 hour after his brother. I am so heartbroken. I cannot believe I have gone from 2 happy pigs to 0 in such a short time. I thought I would have more time with him.

03-02-13, 10:38 am
Skippie I am so sorry .... for what it's worth, I am glad that you got to be with him at the end. He knew and still knows that you love him and you did everything you could. We're sending you wheeks and hugs.

03-02-13, 12:35 pm
I am so sorry for your loss. I'm very thankful you were able to be with him at the end, though. My heart goes out to you.

03-02-13, 12:57 pm
I can't even imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry that you lost both your babies in such a short time. I think you did the right thing and ended his suffering. Now they can be together again. Sending you lots of love and support.

03-02-13, 01:21 pm
Prayers and wheeks from Chester and Maya! I know that my Bubba was at the Rainbow Bridge to meet your boy and show him where to find the most delicious dandelion greens.

03-02-13, 01:38 pm
I am so sorry. :(
That vet office sounds very unprofessional and like they don't really care. I would definitely try to find a new vet.
I hope that you're okay, sending positive thoughts your way. <3

03-02-13, 05:18 pm
Thoughts with you. You did everything you could to care for this little fellow and he knows it. He is with his pal now. Take care of yourself. It is so hard to loose these precious little ones.

03-02-13, 07:03 pm
I am so sorry for your loss.

03-03-13, 01:46 am
I am sorry. I agree that the vet was unprofessional. I would definitely file a complaint with someone.

03-04-13, 07:41 am
Where/how do I file a complaint?

03-04-13, 01:57 pm
Humane Society? Better Business Bureau?

03-04-13, 02:06 pm
Better Business Bureau would be my guess, since a vet is a business as well.

I don't know if this will help any or not, but I have read stories where an animal loses its companion and it is so heartbroken it makes itself sick so its human will let it go too so it can be with its companion.

03-04-13, 02:11 pm
File a report with the Veterinary Medical Board. They are medical professionals, and they are to behave as such. You can also file one with the BBB, if you want, but I strongly urge you to file a report with the VMB in your state to ensure that this is fully investigated and to protect other animals and pet parents from future heartache and tragedy.

03-04-13, 02:27 pm
Thank you, asnnbrg. Thats what I was looking for. This clinic is constantly busy, I cant believe it. If anyone knows of anywhere else to file, please let me know. I don't know what anyone going through this.