View Full Version : Diarrhea What should I be looking for?

02-28-13, 08:28 am
Hey all, I know this may sound like a strange question but what does guinea pig diarrhea look like? I am finding feces that are not perfect oval shapes like they usually are, but are rather odd and misshapen. They almost look like they could have been fresh poos that were stepped on. I have been introducing new foods to my girls, so I am wondering if that is to blame. This morning's breakfast was kale, parsley, squash, and watermelon. Neither pig ate the squash but all the rest was devoured! I am new to pigs and don't know what is abnormal yet. Thanks for any info you can give :)

02-28-13, 08:45 am
Diarrhea is about what you'd expect -- very watery poop. If the poops are oddly shaped or deform when the pigs step on them, they're too soft, and you're right, vegetables can definitely affect that.

I generally only introduce one new food at a time so I can monitor what effect it has on pigs. What you gave this morning isn't likely the cause of anything yet -- what did you give them last night?

The general prescription for soft poops is to cut way back on the veggies until the poops are normal, and then add them back slowly and one at a time until you determine which one causes the problem. But if you cut out the veggies entirely and the situation doesn't improve or gets worse, then you need a vet visit.

I wouldn't give much kale. It's way too high in calcium to be a staple of the diet, and watermelon should be treated like a fruit -- only small pieces occasionally as a treat.

02-28-13, 12:00 pm
Thank you much! I won't give kale everyday. I have other leafy veggies in the house. I will continue to monitor poops.