View Full Version : Sneezing Occasional sneeze

02-26-13, 12:42 pm
Hi! My guinea pigs have been sneezing every once in a while, but no other symptoms, and the sneeze sounds dry vs. wet and mucusy. I've noticed it's especially when they are eating their hay. Their hay is pretty dusty and short-stranded (low quality hay). I don't want to take the to a vet unless I know they have a URI, as for a check-up alone it's $100. Could they just have an allergy?

02-26-13, 12:58 pm
The sneezing is likely coming from the hay dust if they only sneeze while eating. I would go to your local pet store and get a bag of Oxbow hay. Or order Timothy hay online off of Kleenmama's website. Just make sure you have great hay for your piggies :)

02-26-13, 01:06 pm
Well it's not only when they're eating hay when they sneeze, just especially.