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07-12-01, 08:04 am
I emailed Teresa about Woody Pet bedding that I found on her website, but she has never used it. She suggested that I ask all of you out there if anyone has used it before and what they think about it. So, if anyone has used it please let me know how it rates. If it is as good as they claim at www.woodypet.com you can find it at Tractor Supply Co. They are in 28 states. Here in TX, a 30 lb bag is $4.97. Great price if it is really 400% more absorbent and non-toxic like pine and cedar shavings!
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07-21-02, 11:47 pm
They eat it and it expands causing choking and blockages. It is also very messy to clean out of the cages once it has gotten wet.

08-12-02, 11:25 am
I used Woody Pet bedding when I first got my pigs becuase that is what they were using at the SPCA where I got them. I quickly switched! For three reaons:

1. It is very very heavy to take out of the cage when you are cleaning it! and to carry the bag home! even just from the store to the trunk and the truck to the house!!!

2. It turns to sawdust when it gets wet (bad becuase it gets really dusty) and is a pain to clean

3. you have to use a ton of it to get it to cover the floor of the cage, and its not soft. My piggies would push it out of thier houses cause they didnt want to sleep on it!

Just my experience! you can always try it to see how it works for you!
I now use carefresh! Its much better but just as expensive!

09-12-02, 09:32 pm
I don't see how anyone allows their cavies to be on woody pet beddings. You have to put yourself in your cavies body- NO one(including animals) would enjoy or feel comforted by walking on hard chips! It's bad on the feet. I think any bedding is better than woody bedding.

09-14-02, 08:39 am
You can use it, but it can be dangeous. This is a thread that may answer some of your questions: pub25.ezboard.com/fcavyma...2986.topic (http://pub25.ezboard.com/fcavymadness76263frm1.showMessage?topicID=2986.top ic)

Glory Be 2
10-15-03, 01:11 pm
I have used Woody pet for my horses for about 1/2 a year. A couple of weeks ago we got 2 pigs. (I made a cube cage and which I'm very excited about.) I decided to try the Woody pet for the guinea pigs bedding. I am thrilled. After covering the bottom of the cage with the Woody pet pellets, I sprinkled water all over it with a sprinkling can. The water breaks up the pellets into a must softer bedding. (I have found that the bedding works better in the horse stalls if it is sprinkled also.) I waited about 15 minutes for the Woody pet to absorb the water before I put the pigs in the cage. We use a deep frying tool to sift through the bedding and remove the poop every day and then stir the bedding. I haven't changed the bedding at all. There is no smell. I'm hoping that I won't have to change the bedding for a month or more!!!This will make the Woody pet extremely economical!!!

I noticed today that the bedding was a little dusty, so I sprinkled it again.

12-15-03, 07:52 pm
your post is accessible. Can you tell me what the draw backs are to this product? I'm looking to use it for my rabbit litter.