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02-25-13, 07:12 pm
Snicker my bunny with snuffles stopped eating. I came home from basketball to find him hunched in a corner and not greeting me with the usual cheesy face. He has had darker urine the past few days but we reduced his calcium intake. He was fine yesterday, pooping eating and did a TON of binkys. He was spraying around his cage alot yesterday though. We did put him on a new hay because we ran out - its a store brand Kaytee, I hate it but it'll have to do until the order ships in. He has been moving around but just wants to hide and lay down. Much help is appreciated!

02-25-13, 07:29 pm
I don't really know anything about bunnies :( hope he is okay

02-26-13, 07:21 am
Your bunny needs to see an exotic vet.

02-26-13, 08:58 am
Yes he needs a vet. Bunnies also go down hill quickly.

02-27-13, 08:17 am
How is he doing today?