View Full Version : Adopt 2 male teddy guinea pigs for adoption Sacramento area

02-25-13, 07:04 pm

I hate to do this, but it looks like I'm becoming more allergic to them. :( They are healthy and well loved boys, but will need to find a new home soon. They will come with a 5'x3' coroplast cage and tall table. I can include their hay too. I probably have a years worth of hay. I'm asking an adoption fee of $50 to cover part of the cost of the cage.

I would prefer someone with guinea pig knowledge, and someone who would understands they need a lot of fresh veggies everyday. My boys are a little over a year old and very friendly. They are very bonded, and playful with each other.


02-25-13, 07:24 pm
They're soooo cute i wish i could have them.
You might have better luck re-homing them by posting an ad here: Guinea Pigs for Sale/Adoption, Rescues & Shelters (http://www.guineapigzone.com/guinea-pigs)