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02-24-13, 05:13 pm
My name is Kathy and have 3 piggies girls plus my recent addition of a male piggie. (Princess, Ariel, Caramel and Chocolate). All are rescue pigs adopted from Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue. Not sure what else to write please feel free to ask questions.

02-24-13, 05:15 pm
Welcome to the forum! Caramel & Chocolate? Well, now I'm just hungry for dessert! LOL Awww how did you come upon the male piggy?

02-24-13, 05:32 pm
Chocolate was found wandering outside a Fortino's store on a cold winter day. Someone found him and brought him to my local Pet Valu which contacted to find him a home. So I did....mine! Lol

02-24-13, 05:34 pm
I need to update my profile but it is not allowing me from my phone. I will have a profile up shortly with loads of pictures.

02-24-13, 05:42 pm
Welcome to the forum! Thank you for rescuing all of those piggies! It never ceases to amaze me that people will just put piggies out in the outside to get rid of them. Our first piggy was thrown out. Our latest, Cody, was found at 3 months old in a neighborhood herb garden. Smart piggy for finding something to eat though, right?

I can't wait to see your pigtures!

02-24-13, 05:57 pm
My girls plus Chocolate

02-24-13, 06:28 pm
look at them! They are like triplets! How adorable!!!