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02-23-13, 06:08 pm
Hello, my name is Sami. I recently adopted my first Guinea Pig about 4 weeks ago. I adopted him from my local Petco store. His name is Chimichanga (Chim Chim, or Chimi for short :)). He is about 6 months old and cute as ever! I took him to my Exotic animal Veteranarian for an exam on his health and all that good stuff and turns out she suspected mites because of the itching and biting his back, but didn't want to waste my money on a skin scrape and just went ahead with the 3 shots 7-10 days apart. My vet was very proactive on getting him healthy and only charged me for my visit and first shot of Ivermectin, my second and third shots were free along with a free nail clipping because they all loved him so much! I hated seeing him get his shots :sad:, but I would rather have a healthy piggie than no piggie! I know there is the Ivermectin you can inject orally or the topically on the skin, but my vet highly recommened the shot and I am very happy with the results of the shots. Chimi is so hyper all the time. I put him in his play pen and he runs around popcorning everywhere! He already knows the sound of my alarm in the morning and as soon as my alarm goes off he wheeks letting me know it's time to feed him :). He is a little nibbler too lol. His first week he would always sleep inside his house and hide when I came in the room, but now he is always sleeping outside his house and on top of it! Whenever I have his food bags he wheeks and popcorns and puts his front feet up on the cage entrance. He is my little Chim boy and I love him so much ! He has an Awesome Mohawk going on on the back of his head and a few rosettes on his back which are totally adorable lol.

02-23-13, 06:26 pm
Awww he's adorable... I'm a New Guinea pig owner too:) looks like he's at a great home

02-23-13, 06:35 pm
Hello! What an adorable pig! It looks to me as though he is in store bought cage. Will you be investing in a C&C cage? They are quite cheap and you can personalize them.

02-23-13, 06:35 pm
Thank you! Oh cool :) He really is he is very spoiled! lol

02-23-13, 06:37 pm
Thank you :) Yes he is in a store bought cage I fell in love with him and got what I could afford at the time with getting everything for him and seeing the vet. I will definitely be investing in a C&C cage for him!

Little One
02-23-13, 06:41 pm
Oh he is so cute!! Welcome to the forum! I'm glad to see you are going to be investing in a better cage for him. Have you thought of getting him a buddy? Guinea pigs are herd animals so they do better having a buddy around.

02-23-13, 06:43 pm
What a little cutie!! And awesome job on taking him to an exotics vet right away, that was way proactive of you!

02-23-13, 08:00 pm
Hello and welcome! Your little guy is adorable!

02-23-13, 08:16 pm
Look at that mohawk! haha he's great!

02-23-13, 09:11 pm
What a precious little face! Thank you for giving him a wonderful new home.

02-23-13, 09:27 pm
His face looks like and the rosettes look like the face of Sarabi!

This is Sarabi:


02-24-13, 06:25 pm
Yes I have! my Boyfriend is looking into adopting one so he can have a buddy :)

02-24-13, 06:26 pm
Oh my goodness Sarabi looks almost exactly like chimi ! how funny!

02-24-13, 07:03 pm
I know! The other black and white face under Sarabi was Nala! :D