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08-01-05, 10:07 am
I've read that piggies can live to be up to 7 yrs old but lots of them don't make it. What are some of the reasons for the early death? What signs should I look for?


08-01-05, 11:04 am
Illness mainly. Many pigs get sick and owners may not notice they are that ill until it's almost too late to save them as pigs are very adept at hiding illness. Some illnesses that pigs can get are URI's (Upper Respiratory Infections, they can be fatal in themselves) and sometimes it can progresss to Pneumonia, UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections), bladder stones (also stones get caught in the ureter and urethra). If stones aren't removed it can kill a pig. Mites can kill if they get really bad and the pig doesn't receive treatment. There are pigs we call "heart" pigs. They have heart problems and it's often hard to diagnose a heart pig.

Signs to look for in an ill pig are crusty eyes, crusty nose, runny nose, runny eyes, difficulty breathing, labored breathing, clicking noise in the chest, wheezing, lethargy, not eating or eating very little, abnormal poos (no poo, small, very dry poos, wet runny poo), blood while peeing, squeaking or squealing while peeing, head tilt (indication of an ear infection).

If you notice a pig who is lethargic and off their food/hay even if there are NO other symptoms, start handfeeding immediately with a pellet mash or critical care and start giving water/plain pedialyte and get them to a vet immediately as a pigs digestive system can shut down within 12 hours and they can die. If you notice any of the other above signs, get them to a cavy savvy vet immediately.

To learn more about illnesses visit www.guinealynx.info.

08-01-05, 11:13 am
"difficulty breathing, labored breathing, clicking noise in the chest, wheezing, lethargy"

That's a sign of a respiratoru problem, isn't it?

08-01-05, 11:33 am
Yes, those are some of the signs of a respiratory problem. The others being crusty or runny eyes and nose.

08-01-05, 12:58 pm
Thanks Ly

For years we weren't allowed to have pets where we lived and then last year we moved. Our new landlord doesn't mind caged pets so we decided on guinea pigs. We are so protectived over these pigs that we will actually take them out with us. Chelsea and BèBè are car trained. (What I mean is they are trained to sit on my shoulder while I'm driving etc). They love it! I don't drive very far, maybe a mile or two here or there when they are with but when I say "Wanna go bye-bye?!" Both of them are just begging to go. I even take them into a mini-mart with me when I go check lotto numbers. .. Ok they are spoiled lol. Some people give me weird looks but then most want to pet or ask me questions about them. It is amazing how little people know about these wonderful creatures.

08-01-05, 01:44 pm
Is letting them sit on your shoulder safe?! What if you have to stop fast or something hits you while you are driving. (forbid this ever happens) They could be baddly injured or die. Mine ride in a pet taxi with hay and veggies.

08-01-05, 02:08 pm
Let's just say I have a very ample shoulder they can sit on ;) and I do not drive very far with them. When I feel that it isn't safe they are put in a pet taxi. When we go to the vet etc they go into the taxi but for just a mile up the road at 25 miles per hr (mostly less) they ride on my shoulder. They are safe. :) I wouldn't endanger these babies worth anything. They love the attention they get when they go into the stores with me. KT animal supply store likes when you bring your pets into their store (they don't sell pets, just supplies) Chelsea just eats the attention. I figure if people can tote around their little dogs (ex:Paris Hilton etc and I saw a couple in Kmart the other day with their chichuchu) I can tote my piggies around. They love it and it is a wonderful chance to educate people on how great these animals are. Most people think that they are "disposable pets" and honestly they aren't. With proper care they can live almost as long as one of those little dogs. So, they are safe, people are educated and the piggies love it.

08-01-05, 02:14 pm
I didn't think you would purposly endanger your piggies. Porkchop hates car rides. The veggies and hay make it better. Maybe more car rides are needed?

08-01-05, 02:41 pm
I think it totally depend on the piggy.

Hazel isn't too keen on the car rides yet and Valorie doesn't care for them at all. I don't know if it was because Valorie spent almost 4 months in the shelter or not. So I don't subject her to car rides unless I have to. We picked up Hazel in the winter time so I didn't expose her to car rides until this spring. She is getting use to it but if she can't adjust than I won't take her out unless necessary. We got Chelsea and BèBè during the spring a couple of years ago and they were just 4 weeks old. They began riding around with us right away so they are old pros now. Just make sure to keep a towel handy.

08-01-05, 04:26 pm
Yeah mostly because of illness. The second most reason is choking. I one time kept Smores from choking to death on piece of tomato he ate to fast.

08-01-05, 10:29 pm
Yes, those are some of the signs of a respiratory problem. The others being crusty or runny eyes and nose.

Wow. My guinea pig did not have the runny eyes and nose, but he did show some of the other symptoms. My vet reassured me it was not a repiratory problem or the beginning of one. Could this have been the death of my guinea pig?

08-01-05, 10:47 pm
Yes piggy, he could very well have died from a respiratory problem. It's also possible with the symptoms your pig had that he may have been a heart pig (heart problems). I wouldn't go back to that vet anymore.

Georgia, I have a pig that loves to ride in the car too and Patch loves to sit on my shoulder. I don't let him do that when I am driving, but if I am a passenger, I let him ride on my shoulder.

08-01-05, 10:51 pm
Well, thank you. It's a shame he had to die because the vet wasn't entirely guinea pig savvy, but at least I know that might have been a factor to an early death.

08-01-05, 10:52 pm
Cinnamon does not seem to mind at all to be traveling in his taxi. Its the one that is animal print that unzips at both ends and has a mesh window on either side. He probably likes it because its so dark and safe feeling for him. Coco doesn't like to travel. When I take them both, they go in the cat carrier. Cinnamon is at the front checking things out and Coco is in the back hiding under a towel.

08-01-05, 11:14 pm
Piggy, how old was he when he died?

08-01-05, 11:20 pm
A couple months shy of 3 years. Average life span is around 5, is it not?

08-01-05, 11:29 pm
5-8 years with good care and good food. I know some people who have had pigs live past 10 years. Just under 3 is much too young to die.

08-01-05, 11:34 pm
That's what I thought. And since I was playing with him during floor time just two days before, it was a horrible shock.
He had as much hay as I could persuade my mom to give him, and fresh veggies every day.