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Sioux Carter
02-22-13, 08:44 pm
Hello my name is Sioux Carter. I brought a female Guinea pig for my 6 year old daughter as a birthday presant. I have put it in a large 2 level indoor cage with her sisters female Guinea pig. However the one my daughter chose when i got ot home was pear shaped and i feult baby moving around in it belly. I was just wanting to know if i could keep both female Guinea pigs in the same cage or did i need to seprate them. They are getting on really well togerher. Also the pregant Guinea pigs pelvix bones have stated to seprate but only to 1 finger space apart how long do you think it is gonna be untill she delivers. U dont know how old she is or if she has had a litter before as i brought her from a pet shop and didnt expect this to happen. What do i need to do please help me.

02-22-13, 08:48 pm
Well, how large is their cage? When she gives birth, I am almost sure that the other pig can stay in.

Sioux Carter
02-22-13, 09:18 pm
Thank you for your information been a great help. Yes the cage is very big ot fits in a double walk in wardrobe. Bit the Gineapigs love it and thats the cage my girls chose for there pets. There indoor Ginea pigs keep in the girls bedroombat night but the girls have them out most off the day.

02-22-13, 09:21 pm
She'll deliver within the next couple of days if her pelvic bones have started separating. If the cage is large enough, you won't need to separate them, but guinea pigs need a lot of room to run on one level. How large is each level? You should also take a look at the Main tab at the top of the page for recommendations about cage sizes, and check out the photo galleries for ideas.

Since you don't know how old she is, I'd look around for a good exotic vet just in case she has trouble delivering. In guinea pigs, the pelvic ligaments stiffen at around nine months of age. If she had a litter before then, the ligaments will have stretched and she should be ok. If not, and if she's older than 9 months, there's a possibility of problems with delivery.

Depending on how large the spaces are between the wires in the cage, you may need to baby proof it. Babies can squeeze out of pretty small spaces, and fishing baby pigs out from under the furniture or appliances is no fun. You can do that with coroplast or cardboard -- just zip-tie it at least 9 inches or so up the side of the cage. You can remove it when their heads are large enough not to go through the spaces.

Welcome to the forum! Keep us posted on how she's doing.

02-22-13, 10:00 pm
I agree sounds like you need to start babyproofing! lol. Welcome to the forum though! Can't wait to see those pigtures and keep us posted!

Sioux Carter
02-24-13, 05:58 pm
I have put some pics of my cage and guinea pigs in the cage on my profile take a look please acan you tell me if my cage is large enough and how do i piglet prouf it does it need to be peglet prouted. Will put more pics on of the piglets when there born.