View Full Version : Injury Guinea Rescue...mites?

02-19-13, 10:17 am
I got a call the other night about a guinea pig. Apparently someone found it in a cage in the field across from their home. :( People are sooo cruel. Anyway, it's an American Male, and he seems healthy other than the open wounds on his back. We've been treating those. I can't see anything but I'm assuming that he's itching and it's from mites. Does this sound like mites? He's itching with his hind legs and digging open the skin.

I've bought some Ivermectin to treat him with, I just have to go buy the cc measuring things since I forgot. I wanted to double check here and see if this sounds like what's causing it. He isn't losing hair anywhere else. I'm attaching a photo of the side of him, it looks like this on both sides.

02-19-13, 10:33 am
I am not positive about mites or not, but I def. recommend taking the poor little thing to a Cavy Savvy Vet. That way you can get a pretty good read on how old he is, if he is at an appropriate weight, etc. Plus, those are looking pretty serious, but I am not positive since it is a bit blurry.

02-19-13, 10:39 am
I second taking him to a vet. He may have the start of a URI also if he was exposed to the elements and those open wounds look pretty bad. Does look like scratching from mites though. Poor baby, thank you for taking him in. :)

02-19-13, 10:44 am
It does look like he may be injuring himself from scratching at mites. I would definitely treat him with ivermectin.

However, I "third" a vet visit. When they injure themselves that badly they sometimes need an injection of a steroid to help stop the itching. There could also be infection present, which will need an antibiotic.

02-19-13, 10:46 am
Just wanted to say thanks to you for rescuing him though. Is this your only one? Or do you have others and decided to take him in?

02-19-13, 11:03 am
I have 2 others, both females though. Right now he's staying at my friends house because she has male pigs. I will try to call around to vets, I'm in a pretty small town area and I don't believe anyone here treats cavies.

02-19-13, 11:07 am
Does she have them in the same room as this guy? If so, then she might be setting herself up for a mite invasion on her babies as well.

02-19-13, 11:18 am
She has the rescue in the cage that he was found in for now, but she plans to treat them all.