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02-19-13, 03:39 am
So I took my new baby rats to the vet this morning (they have funny little bumps on their ears) and my vet resexed them. THEY ARE TWO NOT BROTHERS!!! Its a brother and sister!!!Also, they are around 7 weeks old...I think my girl could be pregnant now because she was kept with her brother, father and mother.What now?P.S. I've already separated them. Also, I've renamed them Mikey (boy) and Micha (girl).

02-19-13, 06:20 am
I'm not an expert on Ratties, but I'm assuming that since you left the father and brother in with them, the chances of your mother and sister rats being pregnant is high, although I'm not sure at what age they start to ovulate. Perhaps if you didnt want babies you should have separated the mom from what you thought were 3 boys?

02-19-13, 06:25 am
No no no...You have it completely wrong! I adopted what I thought was 2 boys from a lady who had had a litter. I of course know not to have males and females mixed. She told me they were 2 males and my vet said otherwise!

02-19-13, 06:29 am
Oh OK, so sorry! Ya I would be worried she is pregnant! We just had the same thing happen yesterday with our GPs we got, ended up getting a brother and sister! What do you plan on doing with the brother and sister? Get 2 cages or rehome one?

02-19-13, 06:36 am
They are already separated into two different cages. I read that a male can be neutered around 3 months old and that's only 5 weeks away, so they will have to be happy with seeing each other through bars until Mikey can get neutered. If Micha is pregnant ill make sure I find great homes for them. If not, ill have a few more then I origianally planned.

02-19-13, 06:44 am
Sounds like a great idea!

02-19-13, 06:54 am
Let's just hope she's not already pregnant! Lol

02-19-13, 07:01 am
They can mate through the bars, make sure the cages are apart some.

02-19-13, 07:13 am
Jip, they are about 30cm away from each other.

03-18-13, 05:52 pm
I hope she isn't pregnant...but one question (not trying to be rude). How do you missex a rat?! I mean...their testicles are huge. And I have two of my own boys. lol

03-21-13, 02:32 am
at 7 weeks it is usually unlikely for rats to be pregnant(not unknown no but is very young) unless they are highly developed (fortunately)....and honestly if this woman couldnt tell a boy from a girl then I would assume that maybe the mum and bubs were given the best foods to make her be extremely well developed for her age (fingers crossed for you tho :) )
the boy should also be kept seperate from the for about 3 weeks from the date of neuter to make sure there are no little swimmers still hanging around and giving you a surprise pregnancy :)
I had an 8 week old girl emergency spayed cos she had been kept with older boys when I got given her but her uterus was very immature (not the word im looking for but I just cant think of it at the moment) and there was no way it would have held bubs :)

03-21-13, 02:41 am
lol when i first saw i title the first thing that came to mind was, "how to you miss sex rats" XD now i know! but anyways i hope all turns out well for you! and its pretty common to get both males and females fixed in the rat world. I would suggest you do the male because they can be more aggressive and unlike piggies and more like dogs getting a male rat fixed will highly help with aggressive behavior latter on in life.