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02-18-13, 03:11 pm
My pig is about 3 months old and i have had her for about a month.
I got her from a pet store ( i didn't know not to )
Today, I noticed she has been acting a little different. Everyday I give her a small plate of lettuce, carrots, green pepper, and cilantro or parsley. And she usually eats everything! But today she didn't even finish all her veggies, and she ate slower. She always scarfs down her cilantro, but ate it slower than usual this morning.
I went to pick her up for some love, and she always runs, but this morning she let me immediately. I don't know if she just happened to be comfortable with me today, or if she isn't feeling well. And I don't know if I'm paranoid, but do guinea pigs breath fast? I am so worried and I don't know if this is all coincidence and she just wasn't as hungry, or what? I haven't seen her eat a lot of hay this morning and she has only been sniffing her pellets. And she has been sneezing every now and then which i don't know if that is normal either?
Please help, does she need to go to the vet?

( don't say she needs another pig friend, because we are in the process of moving and once she is all set up again, we are getting another female (: )

02-18-13, 03:32 pm
She needs to see a vet. It sounds like she has an upper respiratory infection, and needs antibiotics. You'll need to make sure the vet is experienced with guinea pigs.

The sooner you take her the better, since they can go downhill very quickly.

02-18-13, 03:42 pm
As foggycreekcavy said, she need to be seen by a vet who is experienced with piggies.
This link has some questions you can ask the vet when you call to make sure they they're cavy savvy: http://www.guinealynx.info/vet.html

02-18-13, 03:58 pm
I agree with foggycreekcavy and Aleks. She sounds like she oculd be have a URI. Does she have any discharge on or around her nose? Are her legs wet from her wiping her nose on them?

02-18-13, 04:04 pm
As @foggycreekcavy (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=13918) said, she need to be seen by a vet who is experienced with piggies.
This link has some questions you can ask the vet when you call to make sure they they're cavy savvy: http://www.guinealynx.info/vet.html

*that they're cavy savvy.
Typos galore. lol

02-18-13, 04:11 pm

She doesn't have discharge in her eyes or nose, and her feet are not wet. She actually just ate some hay too and wandered around for a minute.

02-18-13, 04:16 pm
Interesting... I will look into this further and post back when I find some stuff.

02-18-13, 04:56 pm
I would still take her to the vet. The fact that her appetite is reduced and she's sneezing probably means she's sick.

02-18-13, 11:23 pm
Update: My pig Ruby is back to normal! I was thinking about it and last night I gave her new veggies to try, and probably shouldn't have given her as much as I did. I think she might have been not feeling good this morning is all. Now she has been eating her hay and pellets, she ate dinner veggies, and is doing zoomies! Thanks for all your help, it was greatly appreciated :)

02-18-13, 11:35 pm
I would still take her to vet for a checkup since she is from a pet store, guinea pigs are excellent at hiding illnesses, Mocha had a URI and she ate normally, the only thing wrong was her sneezing (Thankfully she saw a vet and she has fully recovered).

02-18-13, 11:49 pm
Rule to follow when you own pets: When in doubt consult a vet! If it's a guinea pig then find an appropriate vet. Thank goodness mine have been healthy so far! (Knocks on wood!)

02-21-13, 11:01 pm
MochaAndMoo My little Ruby is still sneezing a few times a day, but my mom insists it's normal. I think she is sick though, and I keep telling her but she says she is fine. I don't know if I can get Ruby to a vet. Now I'm really worried after hearing about Mocha :(

02-21-13, 11:09 pm
Tell your mom that guinea pigs and prey animals and they will try to hide the fact that they're sick. Tell her it's better to be safe than sorry. If she still doesn't want to show her this forum and have her read all the information here maybe that will sway her.

02-22-13, 02:46 am
I'm sorry you're in this situation. But if you can't get her to a vet, you need to surrender her to a rescue.
Guinea pigs need vet care when sick, and usually many times throughout their lives. Failing to provide prompt vet care after the first signs can often result in worsening of the illness or death. If your mother isn't interested in providing animals with vet care, don't get any animals as it's not fair to let them suffer. Just like children, they rely on us for everything. And I strongly urge you to not bring another pig home while in this situation.

Ask your mother to read through these pages: