View Full Version : introductions...New Mom to Mr. Fluffles and Charlie.

02-17-13, 03:26 pm
Hello.....we adopted at baby guinea pig, Mr. Fluffles 3 weeks ago. We had orginally intended to adopt to male pigs but the pet store told us 2 males would fight. Mr. Fluffles is full of spirit...squirmy and full of energy. We think he is 2-3 months old. We met Charlie at another pet store and he was 6-9 months older and much larger than Mr. Fluffles. We built a 2X4 c&c cage, introduced them in the bathroom and the games began. Charlie is laid back and very gentle, Mr. Fluffles is the opposite so after reading several forums i thought we might be able to pair them.

As predicted Mr. Fluffles, although younger, is trying to be the dominate piggy mounting Charlie endlessly. There is rumble strutting, chasing, mounting, occasional teeth chatter and all things you would expect from putting 2 pigs together. We have them in there new cage with 2 of everything (2 pigloos, 2 food bowls, 2 water bottles). The rumble strut, mount, take a break, eat, go in the pigloo (Mr. Fluffles always follows charlie to the one he is in), and chase each other. Sometimes Charlie is the aggressor (it seems when he has head enough of the youngster trying to harass him).

Is it safe to assume they are getting along and we can leave them be? And how long will this behavior go on?

Another question is the cage stinks and so do the pigs. Is this from the battle of dominance over each other? I am using fleece bedding for the first time and Mr. Fluffles is kinda of litter trained. But he is peeing all over everything now.

Any help is appreciated.

02-17-13, 03:53 pm
That sounds like normal dominance behavior to me! Welcome! And I'm not exactly sure how long the behavior will last. But peeing over everything sounds normal since they are showing whose boss. For more info you could go to the about guinea pigs page on this site for more:) as I said welcome to the forum!!

02-17-13, 05:03 pm
Welcome to the forum! One thing I would recommend is to not have a pigloo or other hidey place that doesn't have two openings. That way if someone gets really cranky, the other one can easily escape rather than get into an all-out fight.

We don't have much boar stank with our boars, but we put down lots of pee pads and change them out. But also leave a couple of used pee pads when we do an overall change so they don't feel obliged to re-mark everything.